Directorate of Audit and Inspections was created in the year 1996 vide Govt. order no: 129 PD of 1996 dt: 04.12.1996 with a view to enforce financial discipline and accountability in the Government Departments of the State. In order to achieve the aforesaid objectives this Directorate has been undertaking the following assignments:


               Conducting of Special !Detailed /Snap audit and inspections of the Government offices/ Departments/ Corporations, Autonomous/Statutory bodies and other Government aided institutions.


               Yearly closing of cash books of the Drawing & Disbursing Officers (DDOs) mostly chest holders as on 31 st March every year and obtaining of requisite information as per the devised memo for thorough scrutiny at this level.


               Verification of complaints received in the Directorate from various quarters alleging embezzlements, misappropriations and other grave financial irregularities.

               Verification of liability claims of various offices as are being referred by the concerned Administrative Departments/Finance Department.

               Other assignments / enquiries as are assigned by the Finance Department.

On the last day of March every year (closing of financial year) the Directorate is sending Audit and inspection parties to various offices especially to chest holder viz Engineering and Forest Divisions for closing of their cash books to avoid issuance of pre dated treasury and bank cheques after close of financial year in view of the general complaints.


Details of Audit conducted by the Directorate of Audit and Inspections-Year wise

Year No. of A&I Reports issued
1996-97 04
1997-98 15
1998-99 14
1999-2000 61
2000-01 101
2001-02 89
2002-03 57
2003-04 63
2004-05 74
2005-06 83
2006-07 200
2007-08 229
2008-09 410
2009-10 499
2010-11 539
2011-12 566
2012-13 570
2013-14 414 till Dec.2013
Total 3988



About Organizational


Directorate of Audit & Inspections (Finance Deptt.) is entrusted with conducting of internal audit and snap inspections on the accounts of all the Civil Departments., Public Works Departments and other Departmental Chest Holders, Govt. Aided instructions, PSU's, Corporations and Universities. It is headed by a Director who is assisted by Dy. Director (Hqr). There are two provincial Deputy Director's at Srinagar & Jammu respectively. Besides the audit parties comprise of22 No. A.O's, 31 No. A.A.O's and 7 No. Accountant's which conduct the audit of Drawing and Disbursing Officer's.

The jurisdiction of the Department is J&K state and also state offices located outside the state. The audit is being conducted on the" basis of standing codal procedures & orders, circulars issued by the Finance Deptt. from time to time.

Service Delivery / Functions

The officers of the Audit & Inspections perform functions as per the duties & functions assigned by the Finance Deptt. vide Govt. Order No: 176-F of 2013 dt: 16.08.2013.

Facilities available to Citizens for obtaining information

A Citizen can seek such information by approaching the designated officers by following the procedures provided in the Right to information Act and the Rules made thereunder. Besides the information can be sought on following landline

Telephone Numbers

Director    (Srinagar)





Dy. Director (HRQ) Srinagar





Deputy Director, Kashmir



Deputy Director, Jammu



Right to Information (RTI)

1st Appellate Authority/PIOS/APIOS

Functionaries under RTI Act Name of Office Designation Place of Posting Contact
1st Appellate Authority Sh. Lochan Dass Director, Audit and Inspections, J&K.. Boulevard Road Srinagar / Finance Complex Muthi Jammu. 9419100563
Public Information Officer(PIO) Sh. Mohammad Yaqoob Itoo Dy. Director (Hqr), Directorate of Audit & Inspections, J&K. Boulevard Road Srinagar / Finance Complex Muthi Jammu. 9419104232
Asstt. Public Information Officer(APIO) Sh. Ghulam Rasool Lone Dy. Director, Audit & Inspections, Kashmir. Boulevard Road Srinagar 9906597390
Asstt. Public Information Officer(APIO) Sh. Suresh Kr. Koul Dy. Director, Audit & Inspections, Jammu. Finance Complex Muthi Jammu. 9419840777