1 Office Order dt 22.12.2017 Establishment of 15th FC in Finance Department.
2 GO 379-F of 2017 dt 22.12.2017 Appointment of Nodal Officer
3 letter dt 05.01.2018 Fifteen Financial Commission
4 Reminder dated 18.01.2018 Fifteen Financial Commission.
5 GO 13-FD of 2018 dated 18.01.2018 Appointment of Nodal Officers for 15th Finance Commission.
6 Circular 01-FD of 2018 dated 18.01.2018 CIRCULAR : Providing of e-mail IDs by Directors Finance/ FA/CAOs (18.01.2018) 
    Statement of Total Revenue Receipt and Total Revenue Expenditure 2000-01 to 2018-18(BE)
7 OM Letter dated 22.01.2018
8 OM Letter dated 22.01.2018 Fifteenth Finance Commission-Inputs thereof from Departments.
9 Letter dated 24.01.2018 Fifteen Financial Commission.
10 GO 40-F OF 2018 DT 06.02.2018 Appointment of Nodal Officers- Fifteenth Finance Commission.

st01- Summary of revenue and Capital Expenditure
st01a- Summary of  Capital Accounts.
st02- Revenue receipts
ST02a- Statement of Shared Tax Proceeds from Centre
ST03- Revenue Expenditure
ST04- Capital Expenditure
ST04a- Capital Receipts.
ST04b- Capital Disbursement
ST05-  Total No. of Regular State Govt. Employees && Expenditure As on 31st March(2010-11 to 2017-18)
ST06-  Total No of Employees in Local Bodies && Expenditure as on 31st March (2010-11 to 2017-18)
ST6a- Total number of Employees in Fully / Partially Aided  institutions and Expenditure as on 31st March(2010-11 to 2017-18)
ST07-  Total Number of Pensioners & Expenditure on Pension
ST08-  Royalties from Major Minerals
ST09-  Grants from the Central Government
ST10-  Grants for Upgradation, Special Problems, Calamity Relief & Local Bodies and others Grants-in-Aid
ST11-  Assets and Liabilities of the State Government
ST11a- Details of Internal Debt and Loans & Advances (Receipts)
ST11b- Details of Internal Debt and Loans & Advances (Disbursement)
ST11c-  Details of Internal Debt and Loans & Advances (Net)
ST12-  Financial Assistance from Autonomous Bodies to the State Government
ST13- Amounts Transfered to and from Funds on Revenue Account
ST14- Details of Calamity Relief
ST15- External Assistance received
ST16- Financial Performance of SRTC's
ST17- Utilisation of Fleet
ST18- Expected performance of SRTC during the Forecast period
ST19- Existing Rates (in 2017-18) of Electricity Supply and Electricity Duty for Different Categories of Consumers
ST20- Technical Details of Power Utility
ST21- Cost Sheet for Generation of Power Utility
ST22- Details of Consumer Category-wise Sales
ST23- Profit & Loss Statement of Power Utility
ST24- Balance Sheet of Power Utility
ST25-  Attach separate sheets for every year:- 2010-11 to 2018-19
         [Statement of Flow of Funds from Government of India (Other than share in taxes)]

ST26- Statement showing proposed PPP projects by Central Ministries/State Government
ST27- Statement showing PPP projects under implementation by Central Ministries/State Government
ST28- Statement showing completed PPP projects by Central Ministries/State Government
ST29- SUBSIDY (Explicit & Implicit)
ST30a-Statement on Grants for Internal Security/Police received from Govt. of India
ST30b-Expenditure – Revenue/Capital  Major Head :: 2055 – Police
ST30c-Group wise Police Force (No. of Employee) as on 31st March


12 letter dated 09.03.2018 letter
Modified/ revised Questioners  about Local Bodies
13 Meeting Notice dated 23.03.2017 Issues relating to Fifteenth Finance Commission.
14 Meeting Notice dated 27.03.2017 Issues relating to Fifteenth Finance Commission.