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The functions of the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries include:

  •   Organization training including practical training of the Accountants, administration and placement of State Accounts Service.
  •   Inspection of Departments to ensure regular and proper maintenance of accounts.
  •   Laying down of account procedure, providing guidance and day to day improvement.
  •   Inspection of Treasuries and departmental stores..
  •   Exercising vigilance to expedite pension cases and ensure reconciliation of departmental figures of expenditure with that booked in the audit Department
  •   Periodical review of compliances with audit reports

Sadder Treasuries 2
District Treasuries 12
Addl. Treasuries 6
Civil Sectt .Treasury .(Moving) 1
Muffasil and sub-treasuries 82
Treasuries outside state 2
Total 103
Organizational Set up

  •   The Saddar Treasuries, Additional Treasuries and District Treasuries are headed by the Senior Scale Officers.
  •   Additional Treasury Officers of the Junior Scale rank are also posted in District Treasuries and treasuries of Jammu and Srinagar cities.
  •   Muffassil treasuries/ sub- treasuries are headed by the officers of the rank of Junior Scale Accounts Officers/ Assistant Accounts Officers at Divisional level.
  •   The control of the treasuries is exercised by Deputy Director Accounts & Treasuries of the Division under the overall control of Director Accounts & Treasuries.
Cash Management

  •   Treasuries are charged with the responsibility of payment control for better management of the resources and to keep watch over progress of expenditure against released allotments to DDOs by Controlling officers.
  •   The control is exercised through Budget Control Registers.
  •   Cash remittance to the treasuries is arranged from the Civil Secretariat treasury almost on daily basis.
  •   Aggressive enforcement of proper cash management has resulted in discernible improvement in overall functioning of the treasuries. Statements of liabilities of all the treasuries are prepared on daily basis at the close of the day by two Deputy Directors of two divisions and consolidated at the level of Director Accounts & Treasuries.
  •   The amounts are released on different object heads of expenditure with the approval of Financial Commissioner Finance keeping in view of the resource position of the State. Payments are made strictly on first come first go basis against different object heads of expenditure.
  •   In the event of mis-match between the available resources and requirements , the payments are prioritized on first come first go basis.
Computerization Plan

  •   The computerization of Treasuries is an important step towards implementation of e-governance in J&K State and a mile stone in the history of Accounts & Treasuries Organisation in Finance Department. The Computerization of treasuries is crucial for ensuring better financial health and management of the resources of the State. It will also enable the department to prepare and submit expenditure and revenue accounts to various quarters promptly and timely with least chances of mistakes besides ensuring instant reconciliation. It will also help the people in securing prompt payments and depositing revenues in the state treasury from a distance depicting transparency in the Government transactions.
  •   The State has embarked upon a big plan of computerization of State Treasuries and in the said programme out of 98 treasuries (now 103) in the Sate, the following 13 Treasuries are being computerized and two Treasuries are at present having trial runs.
  •   The Accounts & Treasuries organization is computerizing all the Treasuries of the State in a phased manner named as On-line Treasury Management Information System. The package covers all the functions of treasuries starting from the arrival of allotment of funds to the closure of accounts in the treasuries. The functions have be been organized in various modules like payment and receipt module , generation of detailed accounting reports and other computerized operations which include account head wise daily/monthly reports on receipt/ payments etc.
Future Programmes

Other areas which have been envisaged in future include:

  •   Expansion and development of software including pension payment control data base of all the pensioners, employees of the State.
  •   Preparation of accounts of the State as a whole based on the transactions taking place at the treasuries, budgetary control and expenditure, monitoring of treasury operations by the Treasury Officers, Deputy Directors, Director and Finance Department, instantaneous availability of information and reports on the web etc.

The above programme will facilitate accessibility of treasury accounts anywhere within the State. It will not be too far when all accounts of the State as a whole will be available on Web accessible to all. Efforts are on about application of newly developed software called "Treasury 2004".