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  • The Directorate of J&K Funds Organisation came into existence way back in 1980 for maintaining the individual ledge accounts of the General Provident fund subscribers. Earlier, the individual ledger accounts of the subscribers to the General Provident Fund (GPF) were being maintained by the Accountant General (A.G.) Jammu and Kashmir for the entire State till 31.03.1964 when the Ledger Accounts of Class-iv employees were transferred from the Accountant General's Office and entrusted to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) to maintain the accounts of Class-IV employees working under them in their respective offices. The DDOs failed to maintain individual ledger account in their offices although the accounts continued with them till 31.01.67, when Government decided that these accounts be centralized and entrusted to Finance Department from 01.02.67 vide Government Order No. 172-F of 1966 dated 30.03.66 read with the Accountant General's circular instructions issued under No. PFR-I/28-4/65-67/3868 dated 24.01.1967 These accounts were finally taken over by the G.P. Fund wing of the Finance Department from 01.02.1967.

  • Under Government Order No. 528-F of 1980 dated 15.11.1980, the G.P. Fund Class-IV ledger accounts were bifurcated on divisional basis . A separate office of Accounts Officer, G.P. Fund Calss_IV was established at Jammu for maintenance of the individual ledger accounts of the subscriber to the G.P. Fund belonging to Jammu Province. The accounts of the subscribers belonging to Kashmir Province including Ladakh were entrusted to Accounts officer, General Provident Fund Calss-IV Srinagar. The bifurcation came into effect from 01.04.1979.
  • Govt of J&K vide Government Order No. 88-F of 1984 dated 05.03.1984 have been pleased to Order that the maintenance of individual ledger accounts of Government servants including the subscribers belonging to IAS, IPS, IFS cadres other than the class iv i.e (sup) which were hitherto fore being maintained buy the Accountant General, Srinagar be transferred to the State Government for being maintained on District basis w.e.f 01.04.1986. The District Fund offices in the three divisions of the State are supervised by the Divisional Fund offices. The Jammu Divisional Fund offices supervise the District Fund offices of Jammu province and Srinagar Divisional Fund office supervise the District Fund offices of Kashmir Division including Ladakh. The Divisional Fund offices are under the Administrative Control of Director , J&K Funds Organisation.
  • Similarly, G.P. Fund Move Cell, Civil Secretariat was created in the year 1992 vide Government Order No. 313-F of 1992 dated 28.02.1992 for maintenance of G.P. Fund accounts of Move employees. Earlier these accounts were maintained by the District Fund Office, Srinagar.
  • For last several years, Police Department had been insisting on creation of separate G.P. Fund office exclusively for Police personnel as they had been witnessing difficulties in consolidation of their G.P. Fund accounts due to frequent transfer of Battalions from one District/Province to other. Accordingly, these separate offices have been created vide Government Order No. 270-FD of 2006 dated 29.08.06.